My contributions and volunteer work for Karachi Astronomers Society

Leaders are not born, they are made. I started Astronomy in 2007, founded an Astronomy club in 2008 and then co-founded Karachi Astronomers Society (KAS). As the founder, I took up lot of responsibility voluntarily including event management, funds raising, plan, branding and digital marketing. Here is some of my remarkable volunteer work done for Karachi Astronomers Society since 2010 when it was established formally.

Digital Marketing & Branding

KAS Website (2010. Later revamped in 2012)

KAS Logo – 2011

KAS T-Shirt – 2011

Banners (for every event) – 2011 to 2016

KAS Membership kits – 2014


KAS Visiting Cards – 2016

KAS Car Stickers – 2016

KAS Solar Astronomy Project website – 2016

KAS SAP App (Android and iOS) – 2016

KAS Rutjuga Website – 2016

Event Management

Arranged 60+ events including Rutjugas (private and public), city events, schools, universities and colleges from 2013 to 2015

Event List 2013 – 2015

As General Secretary I started arranging events when I was appointed as GS in late 2012. Before that I still used to arrange events if requested by the team or sometimes voluntarily and most of the time taking initiative by myself. The 1st four events in the below list are before 2013. These must be mentioned as they were the most amazing Rutjuga’s, adventurous ones since the birth of KAS and were all arranged by me even before I was GS.

Name Type Event Location Date
1 R-14 Al-Beruni RJ Bado Jabal May 2011
2 R-15 Al-Beruni RJ Kirthar National Park Nov 2011
3 R-17 Al-Beruni RJ Kanrach Mar 2012
4 R-18 Al-Beruni RJ Kanrach Nov 2012
5 River Oaks Astronomy School River Oaks Jan 2013
6 KAS Public session Public City PIA Planetarium Apr 2013
7 Science Gala School May 2013
8 Al-Sufi Night Public City Zam Zama Park May 2013
9 Public Astronomy Public City Zam Zama Park Jun 2013
10 InOMN 2013 Public City PIA Planetarium Oct 2013
11 R-19 Al-Beruni RJ Kalri Nov 2013
12 R-20 Al-Beruni RJ Sakro Dec 2013
13 R-21 Al-Beruni RJ Sakro Mar 2014
14 Astronomy Session Public City PIA Planetarium Mar 2014
15 Al-Sufi Astronomy Night 2014 Public City Zam Zama Park Apr 2014
16 SOS Children Astronomy Night School SOS Apr 2014
17 R-22 Al-Beruni RJ Sakro May 2014
18 KAS at NEDUED School NED Jun 2014
19 Internationl SUNday 2014 School SOS Youth Jun 2014
20 Solar Observation at Hermann Gmeiner School SOS Village Nov 2014
21 KAS Solar Observation 2014 Public City PIA Planetarium Nov 2014
22 KAS at CKF 2014 Public City Alliance Francaise Nov 2014
23 R-23 Geminds Watch RJ Sakro Dec 2014
24 Winter Solstice AStronomy Public City PIA Planetarium Dec 2014
25 R-24 Al-Tusi RJ Sakro Jan 2015
26 Fajr Academy School Fajr Academy Jan 2015
27 R-25 Al-Khawarizmi RJ Sakro Feb 2015
28 R-26 Al-Khawrarizmi RJ Sakro Mar 2015
29 Galilean Observation Night 2015 Public City PIA Planetarium Mar 2015
30 R-27 Al-Ghazali RJ Bado Jabal May 2015
31 Science Fair with Alif Ailan Public City Pakistan Railways Secondary School May 2015
32 Al-Sufi Astronomy Night 2015 Public City Zam Zama Park May 2015
33 Solar Sidewalk SUNday 2015 Public City PIA Planetarium Sep 2015
34 R-28 Al-Ghazali RJ Ranikot Fort Oct 2015
35 Solar Observation at DAR-ul-Uloom Public City Dar-Ul-Uloom Oct 2015
36 R-29 Al-Beruni RJ Mud Volcanoes Nov 2015
37 R-30 Geminids Watch (Record: 110 participants) RJ Sakro Dec 2015
38 Winter Astronomy Festival 2015 Public City PIA Planetarium Dec 2015
39 Astronomy Session at Cedar College School Cedar College Dec 2015


Organized 26 events in 2016


Event List 2016
S.No Name Type Event Location Date
1 R-31 Rutjuga RJ Mirpur Sakro 9th/10th Jan 2016
2 New Year Astronomy Night 2016 Public City Zam Zama Park 17-Jan-2016
3 R-32 Al-Sufi RJ Ranikot 6-Feb-2016
4 Astronomy Night by BWBC and KAS School Dow Ojha Campus 21-Mar-2016
5 GAM Moon and Jupiter Watch Public City Alliance 17-Apr-2016
6 GAM Jupiter Watch Public City Zam Zama Park 23-Apr-2016
7 GAM Solar SUNday Public City PIA Planetarium 24-Apr-2016
8 KAS Core RJ Private RJ Gharo April 2016
9 R-33 Al-Hazen RJ Gharo 7-May-2016
10 Astronomy at Beacon House College (Faculty Dinner) School BSS DHA 17-May-2016
11 KAS Core RJ ( Pre-Ramzan Milky Way RJ ) RJ Gharo June-2016
12 Summer Workshops: Solar System Workshop T2F 12-17 Aug 2016
13 Summer Workshops: Celestial Events Workshop T2F Aug 2016
14 Summer Workshops: The Sun Workshop T2F Aug 2016
15 Summer Workshops: Explore the Universe Workshop T2F Aug 2016
16 September SUN-day (Solar Sidewalk Astronomers) (Led by Sajjad Ahmed) School SOS Village 18th Sep 2016
17 Dawood Mega Science Fair (Led by Sajjad Ahmed) Exhibition Dawood Public School 24th Sep 2016
18 Aviation Expo at PAF Exhibition PAF Museum 25th Sep 2016
19 R-34 Al-Hazen RJ Mud Volcano Balochistan 1/2 Oct 2016
20 InOMN 2016 Public City Zam Zama Park 8th Oct 2016
21 Rayden College for A-Levels School Rayden College Oct 2016
22 R-35 AL-Beruni RJ Mud Volcano Balochistan Oct 2016
23 R-36 RJ Gharo Nov 2016
24 R-37 New Year’s Eve (Record: 160 Participants) RJ Kalri Lake
31st Dec 2016/1st Jan 2017
25 Super Moon at Kastrodome (Led by Mehdi Hussain) Public City KAStrodome Nov 2016
26 KAS Core RJ (Astrophotography RJ for DSOs) Private RJ Gharo Dec 2016


Abubaker Siddiq Shekhani

Abubaker Shekhani is an IT Entrepreneur and Full Stack Developer. He is the co-founder and the Developer behind Mytabeeb, a health care solution. He has worked for 5 years in Microsoft Dynamics AX space with Techno-functional role and glad to be one of few Microsoft Dynamics AX developers/consultants in Pakistan. He is TEDx speaker and likes to speak in public. He is an Amateur Astronomer and Astrophotographer. He is the founding member of Karachi Astronomers Society. He can be reached at

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