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Spider in my life

One of my hobbies used to look for Spiders in my garden. I got interested in finding spiders when I used to work in my garden. Within a few months after I started, I found many spiders in my house (apart from the ones that are found in washrooms). I was lucky to have a 12x Zoom digital camera borrowed from my friend. That...

A Spider (jumping) on the leaf of a rose plant 0

If you want to live and thrive, let a Spider run alive

Have you ever noticed some webs at the corner of the walls that you just carelessly sweep away or sometimes just tired of these bugging webs invading in your beautiful and clean house? I am sure you have not noticed how expertly these webs are spun? Who spins them? Spiders; A group of invertebrates which are found throughout the world from the sea shores...