Common Myths About Bonsai

Bonsai are dwarf plants by nature

There are some myths about Bonsai that it is a naturally dwarfed plant but it is not the case. They are created by controlling the height and span of tree by various techniques. Bonsai if made with dwarf variety will grow slowly as compared to the normal one.

Bonsai are made from special kind of trees

Some people think that Bonsai is some special kind of species of a tree, false; any kind of tree or shrub which has small leaves can be used as Bonsai.

Bonsai are house plants and Indoor plants

It is believed that Bonsai are indoor plants but this is also wrong as there is no indoor plant or tree in nature. All plants or trees need sunlight for photosynthesis. However, they can be kept indoors for a day or two on special occasions like they are displayed in Japan on the occasion of Tokonama.

Bonsai are always small

Some people think that Bonsai should be (of course) in small size but they think all the bonsai should be of almost same length. This is not the case. There are three sizes of bonsai, ranging from under 5 inches to about 30 inches in height. It is the proportion which indicates the correct bonsai design. By proportion it means that trunk, branches, and pot all should be so as to mimic a tree in nature. For example, a tree with 10 inches length and having 3 inch wide and 2inch long leaves would not look in proportion.

A Bonsai stops growing once it is a Bonsai

A Bonsai is an art of living trees in a pot or tray. The Bonsai is by all means a real, and living tree/plant as it requires sunlight, water, soil, NPK (Nitrogen-Potassium-Phosphorous), pruning, and sometimes pinching. A Bonsai will keep growing slowly and it should be kept in a good health, shape and design. It will keep growing like other plants.


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