Cave City – An ancient place in Pakistan

Cave City is a mountainous region in Balochistan and is situated at a distance of more than 200Kms from Karachi. When I saw the photos captured by one of friend, I asked him to take me there as it is not possible for every person to go there. No one knows the history of this mysterious place so we tried to find the history and started our journey to the Caves of Wonders!

It was a one day trip on a cloudy Sunday morning when we left at 6pm. We stopped for breakfast and then headed towards our destination. We reached around 12 noon.


  1. The mountains contains pebbles type rocks
  2. The caves are of small sizes where one can stand and can touch the ceiling
  3. All Caves are on the inner side of the mountains
  4. There a Caves that are interconnected so we called them rooms with attached washrooms 🙂
  5. Water stream are flowing there
  6. Many types of rocks found in very small place
  7. Some mountains had so much moisture that there were hanging water plants on them


On the way to Caves City


Near Cave City, the caravan stopped for finding the best way to reach to destination


The artistic graveyard!

Graveyard at the Cave City, Balochistan

 Entering the Cave City


Looking from inside the Caves!


This is average height of a Cave


More caves


Somewhere in the Cave City looking towards the exit!


Three different types and different colors of Rocks!






Somewhere in the middle of the Caves City


A perfect example of Cave door


A beautiful stream of water


Cave of Wonders – One of the biggest Caves with hanging plants


A Panorama of the Cave City!

While going back saw this amazing house… Simplicity!

Simplicity and peace




Abubaker Siddiq Shekhani

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