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Microsoft Dynamics AX frameworks

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a whole world having its own programming language (X++), client, components, patterns, thousands of tables, forms and hundreds of classes shipped with the core product and you can add more. Like classes have methods, the tables in Dynamics AX has methods and override methods. Even the tables can be inherited like a class can be inherited. For a software engineer...

Report Execution Process - SSRS 2

Reporting in MS Dynamics AX 2012 – SSRS Concepts

Reporting is a critical for any organization because it is the way that helps users to get the visibility of the business. For any business software solution, reporting is an integral part due to its importance. Microsoft Dynamics AX is a powerful ERP business suite that gives the powerful reporting. The reporting should be strong because it is the primary way to gain the...

Organization Model - Conceptual Model 0

Organization Model Framework – Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

  An organization model is the departmental or the organizational structure on which an organization is based. Every organization, be it small or an enterprise, there is some sort of structure that is followed. For example, a company or a group of company has several sub-companies and then they have departments and in them are sub departments and they have the people in department....


Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 – Introduction to AIF services

In many business scenarios, external software applications require access to information that is stored in Microsoft Dynamics AX. Below figure shows a few scenarios in which users access information that is managed in Microsoft Dynamics AX to accomplish a business task. It also shows sample scenarios in which Microsoft Dynamics AX accesses information that is managed in external applications. The arrows indicate the direction...


Number Sequence in Dynamics AX 2012 – Part 2

Create a Number Sequence from Scratch Now we will implement a Number Sequence in an existing Form. Objective Create a Number Sequence HCMEmploymentLeave form. Solution We will take a few steps to achieve this. In this example, we will create a Number Sequence from scratch for Employment leave. The Form and the table which we are going to use are “HCMEmploymentLeave” and “HCMEmploymentLeave”. Please...


Number Sequence in Dynamics AX 2012

Introduction to Number Sequence You might have heard the word auto generated unique identifier for a record in any type of application. Similarly, Microsoft Dynamics AX used Number sequence to uniquely identify a record of a Sales order or a transaction or an Inventory. Number Sequencing is a very significant feature required in an ERP system or any system where you have too many...

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