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ERP Specialist – Not just a designation 0

ERP Specialist – Not just a designation

The day I got to know about ERP, specifically, Microsoft Dynamics AX I was happy to find out that Microsoft has its own ERP (previously Axapta acquired by Microsoft in July 2002). I had been working at TRG Tech at that point in time and received a call from Mazik Global. This company is one of the largest AX product development company (Microsoft Gold...

Microsoft Dynamics AX Implementation Process 7

10 key success factors for an ERP Implementation

  ERP selection is a tedious and time consuming task which takes a lot of decision making and consideration.  ERP Implementation strategy and success is as important as the ERP selection. ERP Implementation is not easy and at majority of the companies the implementation gets delayed or it is a complete failure. ERP Implementation takes about 6 months to 1 year depending upon the...

Microsoft Dynamics AX Implementation Process 18

Companies offering Dynamics AX in Pakistan

In one of my post about Microsoft Dynamics AX, I described that this ERP is a complete business solution. Pakistan is a growing country in which companies are being founded every year or multinational company opens up a branch to run operations or operate as a whole company. Be it an IT company, FMCG, Oil industry, this ERP is a complete business solution for...


Microsoft Dynamics AX frameworks

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a whole world having its own programming language (X++), client, components, patterns, thousands of tables, forms and hundreds of classes shipped with the core product and you can add more. Like classes have methods, the tables in Dynamics AX has methods and override methods. Even the tables can be inherited like a class can be inherited. For a software engineer...


Microsoft Dynamics AX – A complete business solution

Microsoft Dynamics AX Microsoft Dynamics AX is the Microsoft’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution. It consists of almost all the business process software of all major industries. Before we start going into the detail of MS Dynamics AX, one should learn what makes a good ERP. If you don’t know ERP, please read the article Enterprise Resource Planning. Microsoft Dynamics AX – An...

Microsoft Dynamics AX Eventing Framework – Coded and Automatic Events 1

Microsoft Dynamics AX Eventing Framework – Coded and Automatic Events

Introduction to Event Event is something that occurs at a particular time, sometimes expected sometimes not. Many events happen all around us in our daily lives. Some require action from us, some are not of our interest. Talking in technology terms, we can easily map event to the real-life concept of event. In Object-oriented paradigm, a class represents a real life entity and the...

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