Practical Astronomy workshops at T2F Karachi Pakistan

This year has been great for Astronomy in Karachi, Pakistan and overall in Pakistan. The Karachi Astronomers Society conducted a series of Astronomy workshops at The Second Floor (T2F) during the month of August.

Presenting Astronomy at T2F

Presenting Astronomy at T2F

I conducted one workshop named “Exploring the Universe”. The workshop had content mainly focused towards the Practical side of Amateur Astronomy like learning constellations, finding an object in the Sky, the movement of the sky, the celestial sphere and coordinates, time zones, the changing sky and star hopping. These were the core concepts introduced in the workshop to bring a interest in the participants into the field of Practical Amateur Astronomy. We introduced them the use of telescopes and how they can find binoculars and telescopes from Karachi.

Watch the Astronomy workshop


Through these workshops, science and astronomy enthusiasts came together and learned from our team of amateur astronomers who dedicated their time to broaden interest in Practical Astronomy – a subject that is rarely explored in depth within the parameters of our formal education system.


Abubaker Siddiq Shekhani

Abubaker Shekhani is an IT Entrepreneur and Full Stack Developer. He is the co-founder and the Developer behind Mytabeeb, a health care solution. He has worked for 5 years in Microsoft Dynamics AX space with Techno-functional role and glad to be one of few Microsoft Dynamics AX developers/consultants in Pakistan. He is TEDx speaker and likes to speak in public. He is an Amateur Astronomer and Astrophotographer. He is the founding member of Karachi Astronomers Society. He can be reached at