Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Sep 2016 in Pakistan

Lunar eclipse in Karachi, Pakistan in Sep 2016: Lunar eclipse happens twice a year but not necessarily at a same location on Earth. This year on 16th September it will be Full Moon and there will be a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. If you want to know the timings, refer to the section 2 of this article.

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Karachi Pakistan

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Karachi Pakistan


If you do not know what is Lunar Eclipse, why it happens and how it occurs, you should check below video


Local times for eclipse in Karachi on Friday, 16 September 2016

Event Time in Karachi
Penumbral Eclipse begins 16 Sep, 21:54:42
Maximum Eclipse 16 Sep, 23:54:20
Penumbral Eclipse ends 17 Sep, 01:53:59
Pakistan Local Time

How to observe lunar eclipse

Get a binoculars or a telescope and go outside and find the Moon around 10pm. The peak occurs at 11:54pm when the whole Moon will be dim. You can easily observe this lunar eclipse phenomenon from Karachi or any where in Pakistan. The only condition is that the sky should be clear and without clouds. No need to avoid light pollution although light pollution itself is not good 🙂

You do not need a binoculars or a telescope. Just clear skies!

A binocular or a telescope would be a good addition though. Since it is a penumbral lunar eclipse, the Moon will not be fully dark. It will dim a bit which may not be noticeable too much with eyes. However, capturing photos before and after the eclipse may reveal difference.

When is the next lunar Eclipse?


Eclipse Visibility From Karachi
Year Date Type
2016 16 Sep / 17 Sep Penumbral
2017 11 Feb Penumbral
2017 7 Aug / 8 Aug Partial
2018 31 Jan Total
2018 27 Jul / 28 Jul Total

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