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Partial lunar eclipse from Karachi – 7 Aug 2017

Lunar Eclipse in Karachi – We have been hearing about a partial Lunar eclipse from various news paper, channels and news blogs such as DAWN.com, Earth Sky and NASA. A lunar eclipse happens when the Earth comes in between Moon and Sun during or near Full Moon while obstructing the Sun light on the Moon making it dark. Last year we had penumbral lunar...


Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Sep 2016 in Pakistan

Lunar eclipse in Karachi, Pakistan in Sep 2016: Lunar eclipse happens twice a year but not necessarily at a same location on Earth. This year on 16th September it will be Full Moon and there will be a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. If you want to know the timings, refer to the section 2 of this article.   If you do not know what is...

Earth Shine 1

All you need to know about Moon – Lunar Phenomenon

New Moon This is the time when the Moon is in its orbit such that the side facing towards Earth is not lit up by the Sun. After this moon phases starts from 1 till next new Moon. You cannot see new Moon. To learn about Moon phases please see below: Full Moon Full Moon occurs every month and is a period when Full...

10th of Muharram Moon captured using Meade 5" reflector telescope and Samsung Galaxy S 13

The Moon looks Bigger – The Moon Apogee & Perigee

The Moon Since the birth of human, they have always wondered what the Moon is, why it is like this and what is the significance of Moon. The Moon, the most closest celestial object that could be seen with naked-eye is at an average distance of 384, 401 Km from our home Earth. Humans have used Moon as a source of light at night...


Moon Halo in Karachi – Pakistan

From my childhood I was obsessed by Moon, the largest celestial object that could be seen in sky at night. The reason I was obsessed with it could be, it is in sky for most part of a month. I did not get any useful information and guidance to Astronomy until I found a book of Science in which there was some discussion on...

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