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The Art of Living trees, Bonsai (in Karachi) – Annual Bonsai Exhibition 2013

Bonsai.. The word looks familiar to me. I heard it someone saying Bonzai. Yes in Pakistan. I had never been outside Pakistan, so I am sure I have heard it in Pakistan. I asked them what it is. They told me that Bonsai is an Art. I asked what type of Art; like painting ? drawing .. sketching.. landscape painting.. and the answer to...


Bonsai Styles

Styles All trees in nature have specific style due to their location, climate, altitude, and their planted position (near and under a big tree or in open space). Since Bonsai is an art which depict the nature in a small size and in living condition so it has to be created according to the styles found in nature and should be kept in shape...


Common Myths About Bonsai

Bonsai are dwarf plants by nature There are some myths about Bonsai that it is a naturally dwarfed plant but it is not the case. They are created by controlling the height and span of tree by various techniques. Bonsai if made with dwarf variety will grow slowly as compared to the normal one. Bonsai are made from special kind of trees Some people...

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Bonsai – The Ancient Japanese Art

Ever wondered how a tree would look small? Ever wondered how beautiful a jungle would look if it is miniaturized? It’s possible….the creation of Bonsai. What is Bonsai? Bonsai is a Japanese word composed of two syllables Bon which means “tray or pot” and sai means “tree or plant”. So Bonsai means “a tree in a shallow tray or container”. It is a tree...

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