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The rising moon and constellation of Scorpio 4

Astrophotography and shooting COMET Lovejoy in Pakistan dark skies

In January 2015, it is winters in Pakistan (in the northern hemisphere) and so skies are quite clear at night with many deep sky objects available in sky throughout the night. Some of them includes Andromeda Galaxy, double cluster, Pleiades, Orion Nebula, Running man nebula, Flame Nebula and Horse head nebula. This was the 24th Rutjaga of Karachi Astronomers’ Society therefore named R-24 Al-Tusi. It...


Astrophotography from Karachi, Pakistan

Astrophotography is my hobby that started with Astronomy. Astrophotography includes capturing photos of the night sky, planets, satellites, galaxies, nebulaes and star clusters. The photos is this post are captured by myself using different equipment at different places in Sindh, Pakistan. I have very basic equipment and basic knowledge of post-processing and I apply that to my best. For the past 1.5 years I...


Buy affordable telescopes from Pakistan… A dream came true

Astronomy is a great field and a great hobby. It is peaceful, interesting, and lovely hobby. The night sky gives us thousands of objects to observe. There is the Moon, there are planets up in the sky, there are stars, and then there are galaxies, nebulas and star clusters. Don’t think that a non-astronomer cannot see it. In order to see the amazing objects, we...

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