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A trip to Sindh’s highest reachable peak Gorakh Hills – To witness billions of stars

You might have heard about Gorakh Hills station in Pakistan. You have to pass through Sehwan Sharif, and Dadu and through the unpaved paths on the mountain where only 1 vehicle can pass at a time. Want to know more? About Gorakh Hills From Wikipedia, “It is situated at an elevation of 5,688 ft (1,734 m). in the Kirthar Mountains Range’s Sindh Segment, 94...


Watching the Geminids Meteor Shower (Kalri Lake, Sind, Pakistan)

2 days before the peak of Geminids Meteor Shower back in December 2010, I was sitting on my seat while programming, I got an email. It was an email in which we planned to go to Kalri Lake, Sind for watching the Geminids meteor Shower. The peak of Geminids Shower is on 13 Dec. Unfortunately, the 13 was Monday and considering the work load...


Dark Sky trip to Hingol National Park, Pakistan

YET some active souls of our land have been witnessing these dimensions for years, alhamdolillah, and have well-learnt how to blend regular busy lives with overnight picnics, I would say, arranged for under dark skies for astronomical observations … Ratjagas with exciting learning ventures .. Navigate through the re-done article underneath, and you will discover what “Sky is not the limit” really means… if...