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Me and my Milky Way 6

Star gazing astronomy session under dark skies of Sindh, 100Km from Karachi

The Destination The destination is a beautiful place around for astronomy 100Kms far from Karachi. The destination is somwhere in Mirpur Sakro, Sind, Pakistan where there is a lovely landscape and awesome dark skies. We had with us Meade Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope 8inch, Sky Watcher’s 6inch f/8 dobsonian.  The surroundings of the location were filled with small lakes, birds and most importantly dark sky at night with...

Abubaker(me) and Ramiz and observatory 6

A whole night Star Gazing and Astrophotography session at The KaAStrodome

KaAStrodome is a privately owned observatory, designed, built and conceived by Dr. Akbar Hussain of Karachi Astronomers Society. I was lucky to have a camera with me that night and so I was able to record the unforgettable memories of the first rutjaga at The KaAStrodome. Please note all photos are copyrighted and are property of Abubaker Siddiq (me). If you want to use...


Create SSRS Report (Query based) – MS Dynamics AX

In this post I will demonstrate creation of SSRS reports in MS Dynamics AX 2012. If you want to know the basics, please read my previous post “Reporting in MS Dynamics AX 2012 – SSRS Concepts“. Pre-Requisites Microsoft SQL Server 2012 SQL Reporting Services MS Dynamics AX 2012 SSRS extensions for Dynamics ax Visual Studio 2012 Visual Studio Tools And most importantly you must...

Report Execution Process - SSRS 2

Reporting in MS Dynamics AX 2012 – SSRS Concepts

Reporting is a critical for any organization because it is the way that helps users to get the visibility of the business. For any business software solution, reporting is an integral part due to its importance. Microsoft Dynamics AX is a powerful ERP business suite that gives the powerful reporting. The reporting should be strong because it is the primary way to gain the...

Conceptual Model of XDS Policy 5

Extensible Data Security (XDS) Policy – Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

What is XDS? The Extensible Data Security policy framework is the Application Foundation framework provided by Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 (new feature) in addition to the role-based security in order to secure the data. Dynamics AX Admins and developers can use the security policies to block access to specific rows in a table. In the AOT, policies can be found under node Security >...


My Journey in Astronomy

A nature lover Since my childhood I am close to nature and that made me a good observer and allowed me to ponder over the existence and the reason of why something is like it is. At age of 12 years, I started to take care of my garden myself. In class 4, I created a volcanic mountain model and types of mountains (shows...


Star Gazing trip to Badro Jabal – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter Conjunction

On 7th May 2011, we planned to leave for Badro Jabal, Sind, Pakistan. This is one of the most amazing trip, not because of the location but because it has significance from Astronomy point of view. This is the only dark sky session in which all the planets that are visible to naked eye were visible, the one and only dark sky session in...

Moon Map 6 5

A photographic journey to Moon – The Amazing Lunar Surface

Obsession to Moon Earth’s Moon is the only celestial object that can be seen easily with naked-eye at night. One doesn’t need to have a black transparent sky to observe it. I had been observing Moon since my childhood but at that time I didn’t have a Binoculars, or a Telescope to observe it or a camera to capture the beautiful Moon and its...

Organization Model - Conceptual Model 0

Organization Model Framework – Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

  An organization model is the departmental or the organizational structure on which an organization is based. Every organization, be it small or an enterprise, there is some sort of structure that is followed. For example, a company or a group of company has several sub-companies and then they have departments and in them are sub departments and they have the people in department....


Microsoft Dynamics AX – A complete business solution

Microsoft Dynamics AX Microsoft Dynamics AX is the Microsoft’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution. It consists of almost all the business process software of all major industries. Before we start going into the detail of MS Dynamics AX, one should learn what makes a good ERP. If you don’t know ERP, please read the article Enterprise Resource Planning. Microsoft Dynamics AX – An...

The Solar System 0

The Solar System

I will keep updating this post with stuff related to Solar System. I will soon post an article on Solar System as well. I’ve found an amazing presentation about Solar System and so sharing it here:

Improve unit test code coverage – Microsoft Dynamics AX 0

Improve unit test code coverage – Microsoft Dynamics AX

We know what are unit tests and we know how do we create unit tests in Dynamics AX and we also know why do we create Unit Tests. There are times when code coverage of Unit Tests is not 100% or is very less such as 50% or 60%. Ideally it should be at least 70% but one should try to get as much...