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The Solar System 0

The Solar System

I will keep updating this post with stuff related to Solar System. I will soon post an article on Solar System as well. I’ve found an amazing presentation about Solar System and so sharing it here:

Improve unit test code coverage – Microsoft Dynamics AX 0

Improve unit test code coverage – Microsoft Dynamics AX

We know what are unit tests and we know how do we create unit tests in Dynamics AX and we also know why do we create Unit Tests. There are times when code coverage of Unit Tests is not 100% or is very less such as 50% or 60%. Ideally it should be at least 70% but one should try to get as much...


Enterprise Resource Planning

You might have heard the word ERP a lot of times and you might have not totally understood the ERP systems. ERP is short form for Enterprise Resource Planning and contains the meaning and objective in its own name. I will try to make you understand the ERP in a very easy way. Enterprise Enterprise is a business entity which encompasses corporations; Small &...


Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 – Introduction to AIF services

In many business scenarios, external software applications require access to information that is stored in Microsoft Dynamics AX. Below figure shows a few scenarios in which users access information that is managed in Microsoft Dynamics AX to accomplish a business task. It also shows sample scenarios in which Microsoft Dynamics AX accesses information that is managed in external applications. The arrows indicate the direction...

Microsoft Dynamics AX Eventing Framework – Coded and Automatic Events 1

Microsoft Dynamics AX Eventing Framework – Coded and Automatic Events

Introduction to Event Event is something that occurs at a particular time, sometimes expected sometimes not. Many events happen all around us in our daily lives. Some require action from us, some are not of our interest. Talking in technology terms, we can easily map event to the real-life concept of event. In Object-oriented paradigm, a class represents a real life entity and the...


Welcome Comet ISON C/2012 S1 to the Solar System

Comet ISON (C/2012 S1) known to be the Comet of the century, discovered by  Russian astronomers Vitali Nevski and Artyom Novichonok in September 2012 is the one we are hearing since a few months. But before we get into the observation and other technical details, let me explain what is a comet. What is Comet? From the simplest definitions taken from Wikipedia, “A comet...

Equinox 0

Welcome Autumn! The September Equinox

Often during Astronomy related conversations I used to hear word equinox and then they used to say Fall equinox and the spring equinox. The word seems weird but it has the explanation in it. Equinox is derived from Latin word aequus (equal) and nox (night), because around the equinox the day and night are of almost equal lengths. Equinox is on September 22 and March 20, so who...

Moon with Spica, Venus and Saturn 0

Beautiful Pairing of Moon and Venus on 8 September 2013

The two brightest objects in the night sky the Moon and Venus were visible towards west just after the Sunset. Just above the Moon within 5 degrees was the star Spica (the brightest star in the constellation of Virgo). Karachi astronomers and Astrophotographers will lucky to have this opportunity as it was visible in Karachi and there weren’t too many clouds. I was lucky...


Number Sequence in Dynamics AX 2012 – Part 2

Create a Number Sequence from Scratch Now we will implement a Number Sequence in an existing Form. Objective Create a Number Sequence HCMEmploymentLeave form. Solution We will take a few steps to achieve this. In this example, we will create a Number Sequence from scratch for Employment leave. The Form and the table which we are going to use are “HCMEmploymentLeave” and “HCMEmploymentLeave”. Please...

Bonsai 1

The Art of Living trees, Bonsai (in Karachi) – Annual Bonsai Exhibition 2013

Bonsai.. The word looks familiar to me. I heard it someone saying Bonzai. Yes in Pakistan. I had never been outside Pakistan, so I am sure I have heard it in Pakistan. I asked them what it is. They told me that Bonsai is an Art. I asked what type of Art; like painting ? drawing .. sketching.. landscape painting.. and the answer to...


Bonsai Styles

Styles All trees in nature have specific style due to their location, climate, altitude, and their planted position (near and under a big tree or in open space). Since Bonsai is an art which depict the nature in a small size and in living condition so it has to be created according to the styles found in nature and should be kept in shape...


The Perseids Meteor Shower

The Perseid meteor shower is a major annual event for sky-watchers and 2013 looks to be a great show. The Perseid meteor shower is one of the best meteor showers of the year. Luckily, the Moon (the source of light at night in the sky), will be set before the midnight, that is before the peak time of shower of meteor shower. That means...